Dials to a phone number using Telephony Application Program Interface (TAPI).

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
PhoneDialUp Dial-up Asynchronous Supported (see note) Not supported Supported
Note: This function is not supported on Windows 7.


PhoneDialUp( strPhoneNumber, optStrModemName )
Telephone number the function will call.
Name of the modem used to dial. If you do not specify a modem, the function will use the first modem found on the operating system.

Returned value

 0 OK (dial triggered)
−1 Invalid number of parameters
−3 INDTAPI.DLL library not found
-4 PhoneDialUp () function not supported by the current INDTAPI.DLL library


Tag Name Expression
  PhoneDialUp ( "512-123-4567" )
  PhoneDialUp ( StringPhoneNumberTag )
  PhoneDialUp ( StringPhoneNumberTag, StringModemNameTag )