Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
PhoneStatus Dial-up Synchronous Supported (see note) Not supported Supported
Note: This function is not supported on Windows 7.


Checks the status of the current connections.


PhoneStatus ( "strStatus", optStrModemName )
Name of the tag that will receive the status description text
Name of the modem used to dial. If you do not specify a modem, the function will use the first modem found on the operating system

Returned value

0 "Ready to make a call"
1 "Call was shut down"
2 "Line Ringing"
3 "Dial Tone"
4 "Dialing Call"
5 "Call is Proceeding"
6 "Ring Back"
7 "Line is Busy"
8 "Line is Idle"
9 "Disconnected"


Tag Name Expression
Tag Status Code PhoneStatus( "String Tag Status" )
Tag Status Code PhoneStatus( "String Tag Status", "Hayes Compatible Modem on COM1" )
Tag Status Code PhoneStatus( "String Tag Status", "StringModemNameTag" )