Returns the status of the HST2TXT function.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
HST2TXTIsRunning File Synchronous Supported Not supported Executed on Server



This function takes no parameters.

Returned value

0 HST2TXT is still running.
−1 Last conversion process was executed properly.
−2 Reserved.
−3 File not fond. There are no history files in the configured time interval for the group specified.
-4 Cannot open HST file.
-5 Cannot create/open ASCII file.
-6 Cannot read file information from HST file.
-7 Invalid file type.
-8 Cannot read header information from HST file.
-9 Invalid number of tag in the header information (0 > nTags > 250).
-10 Cannot create Header file (.hdr).
-20 InStudiot.dll was not found.
-30 Cannot access dll function.