Runs a function or sub-routine, as declared in the Global Procedures interface. The procedure is run on the server, but it can be called by any local or remote client.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
RunGlobalProcedureOnServer Module Activity Synchronous Supported Supported Supported


RunGlobalProcedureOnServer( strNameProcedure, param1, param2, … )
The name of the function or sub-routine to be run.
param1, param2, …
Parameters that are passed to the procedure. Parameters must be passed as strings.

Returned value

This function returns whatever value is returned by the called procedure.


Given the following procedure that is declared in the Global Procedures interface:

Function AddMe(intNumber)
  If intNumber >= 6 Then
	AddMe = 0
	AddMe = intNumber + 2
  End If
End Function
Tag Name Expression
TagResult RunGlobalProcedureOnServer( "AddMe", "2" ) // Executes the procedure and returns a value of 4.