Configuring a TCP/IP Client connection to another project

The TCP/IP Client task/worksheet is used to communicate with another IWS project server.

TheTCP/IP Client and Server tasks enable two or more projects to keep their databases synchronized. These tasks use the TCP/IP protocol to provide communication between projects. Before using the TCP/IP Client and Server tasks, you must make sure that TCP/IP (Ethernet) communication is properly configured and running on both servers.
Use the following parameters to complete the TCP/IP Client Configuration:
Note: If you need to share an array, the tag in the server should contain the same number of elements as the tag in the client. If the tag is a class, the class definition should be the same in both server and client programs. If you do not follow these rules, unpredictable results can occur.

You can run the TCP/IP Client task automatically on start up or run the program manually by clicking Tasks (either local or remote) on the Home tab of the ribbon. After running this program, a small icon displays in your system tray.

Only the Client task uses the ConnectionRetryTimeout parameter.