Recipe worksheet

A Recipe worksheet is used to load tag values from or save tag values to an external file during runtime. It is typically used to execute process recipes, but you can store any type of information (such as operation logs, passwords, and so on) in the external file.

To create a new Recipe worksheet, do one of the following:

To edit an existing Recipe worksheet, double-click it in the Project Explorer.

Figure 1. Recipe worksheet

The worksheet is divided into two areas:
Use the Header parameters on this worksheet as follows:
Note: When saving a worksheet, you can save it using any name you choose (you are not required to use a predefined file name). A configuration file using the default extension .RCP (or .XSL if you specify Save As XML) contains the recipe configuration and the File Name field contains the data file name to be read or written.
Use the Body parameters on this worksheet as follows:

To execute a Recipe worksheet, use the Recipe function anywhere an expression is allowed.