Report worksheet

A Report worksheet is used to design a report that is dynamically generated during runtime (using the current values of the included tags) and then either sent to a printer or saved to a file.

To create a new Report worksheet, do one of the following:

To edit an existing Report worksheet, double-click it in the Project Explorer.

Figure 1. Report worksheet

The Report worksheet is divided into two areas:
Use the Header parameters on this worksheet as follows:

Use the Body portion of this worksheet for report formatting. You can configure a report using data in the system and indicating where to print the tag values. Each tag name will replace the {tag_name} tag name. For Real type tags, use the following syntax: {tag_name n}, where n is the number of decimal places you want printed.

Note: If you are using the standard report editor (text only: ASCII or Unicode), then the number of characters reserved for the tag value will be equal to the number of characters used to type the tag name (including the two "curly" brackets). For example, if you configure {TagA} in the report body, reserve six characters for the tag value in the report file. This behavior is not valid for reports in RTF format.

To execute a Report worksheet, use the Report function anywhere an expression is allowed.