Product Overview

InduSoft Web Studio projects run on microcomputers connected in real-time to machines or processors through programmable controllers, remote I/O devices, and other data-acquisition equipment.

These projects consist of animated operator-interface screens, configurable PLC (programmable logic controller) drivers and other controllable I/O devices, a project tags database, and optional modules such as alarm monitors, logic, trend charts, recipes, schedulers, and a security system. IWS projects interface with industrial I/O systems and other Windows applications in the runtime environment using the following protocols:

After developing a project, you can run it on your development workstation or download the project to a runtime workstation (using a serial or TCP/IP connection) and run it using InduSoft Web Studio or CEView runtime software. The workstation processes scan data from connected devices according to parameters defined in the project and then react to, display, store and upload the data.

The product consists of two parts: