Product Versions

InduSoft Web Studio and CEView should both have the same version number, which uses the syntax X.Y+SPWW (for example, InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 and CEView v7.0), where:

Both InduSoft Web Studio and CEView can execute projects built in previous versions of the product. However, older versions of IWS and CEView cannot execute projects built or modified in newer versions of the product.

For example, you cannot execute version 6.1 projects using IWS version 6.0 but you can execute version 6.0 projects with IWS version 6.1.

Important: We issue each license for a specific Family version and Sub-version (X.Y), and the license is valid for that version (including Service Packs) only. The license is not valid for a newer Family version or Sub-version of the product. Therefore, if you install a new version of IWS or CEView, then you must upgrade your license to the new version being installed. If you install a Service Pack only, then you do not need to upgrade your license.