Creating a New Project

Use the following steps to create a new project:
  1. Click the Application button, and then click New on the the Application menu. The New dialog is displayed.
  2. Click the Project tab.
    Figure 1. New Project dialog

  3. In the Project name box, type the name of your project, keeping the following guidelines in mind:
    • You must follow the usual Windows naming conventions; and
    • Do not use spaces in the name if you want to access your project from the Web. (URLs do not recognize spaces.)
  4. By default, IWS stores all projects in the directory C:\Users\username\My Documents\InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 Projects\, so this file path will be automatically displayed in the Location box. To save your project to another location, click Browse and then select the desired folder.
    Tip: If you want to permanently change the default location where projects will be saved, then edit the file Program Settings.ini to include the following entry:
  5. Select a license level from the Target platform list, to indicate the platform on which you will be running this project.
    Tip: To check the license level on your workstation, exit from the development application and then open the Protection Manager (Start > All Programs > InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 > Register).
    Important: If you try to open or develop an project that was originally developed using a higher license level than exists on your current workstation, the development application will prevent you from opening the project and put you into Demo mode.

    To correct this situation, click Target System on the Project tab of the ribbon. (The menu displays only those target systems that you are licensed to use.) Select one of these to accomodate your current license level.

    Although you can change your license level later, we recommend that you verify and select the correct license level now, so you will not waste time developing projects requiring a license level you are not authorized to use on the runtime device.

    Also, we recommend developing for the lowest license level if you will be running your project on multiple computers with different licenses.

  6. When you are finished configuring the Project tab, click OK to continue to the Project Wizard dialog.
    Figure 2. Project Wizard Dialog

  7. Use this dialog to select a template, set the default screen resolution, and to indicate that you want to share tags with another software product database such as Steeplechase or ISaGRAF.

    Instructions for using these features are provided in the following sections.

  8. Click OK when you're done. Your new project is opened and ready for editing.

Specifying a Default Screen Resolution

Use the Resolution list box to select a default resolution (display size) for your project's screens.
Figure 3. Selecting a default resolution

If you select Custom, then also enter the screen Width and Height (in pixels).

Note: You can adjust the resolution of your screens after you've created them by clicking Convert Resolution on the Home tab of the ribbon.