VBScript Compared to VBA

While VBScript and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) are similar and are both based on the Visual Basic standard language, there are advantages to using VBScript for IWS users:
The following table lists VBScript features that VBA does not have.
Category Feature/Keyword
Declarations Class
Miscellaneous Eval
Objects RegExp
Script Engine Identification ScriptEngine
The following table lists VBA features that VBScript does not have.
Category Omitted Feature/Keyword
Array Handling Option Base
Declaring arrays with lower bound <> 0
Collection Add, Count, Item, Remove
Access to collections using ! character
Conditional Compilation #Const
Control Flow DoEvents
GoSub...Return, GoTo
On Error GoTo
On...GoSub, On...GoTo
Line numbers, Line labels
Conversion CVar, CVDate
Str, Val
Data Types All intrinsic data types except Variant
Type...End Type
Date/Time Date statement, Time statement
DDE LinkExecute, LinkPoke, LinkRequest, LinkSend
Debugging Debug.Print
End, Stop
Declaration Declare (for declaring DLLs)
Error Handling Erl
Resume, Resume Next
File Input/Output All traditional Basic file I/O
Financial All financial functions
Object Manipulation TypeOf
Objects Clipboard
Operators Like
Options Deftype
Option Base
Option Compare
Option Private Module
Select Case Expressions containing the Is keyword or any comparison operators
Expressions containing a range of values using the To keyword
Strings Fixed-length strings
LSet, RSet
Mid Statement
Using Objects Collection access using !