Port Usage

There are various ports that are used by IWS and/or related software. These are:
Port # Program
20 FTP Server (Data)
21 FTP Server (Command)
25 SMTP Server
80 Microsoft IIS Server for HTTP packets
110 POP3
118 Microsoft SQL Server Services
161 SNMP
162 SNMP Trap
389 LDAP
443 Microsoft IIS Server for HTTPS packets (SSL)
502 Modbus TCP/IP protocol
663 LDAP over SSL
1028 FTP Client (Command)
1029 FTP Client (Data)
1234 Project TCP/IP Server
1443 Microsoft SQL Server
1444 Microsoft SQL Server default port (Monitor)
1521 Oracle
1526 Oracle
2030 Oracle
3001 A-B Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol (default)
3306 MySQL (can be configured to use 3306-3309)
3872 Oracle Management Remote Agent
3997 Studio ADO Gateway
4322 Remote Agent (CEServer)
5432 PostgreSQL
47808 BACNet UDP Protocol (default)

You may need to accommodate one or more of these port's usage in your Firewall settings.