Configuring the Web Tunneling Gateway

Thin Clients are commonly connected to the Web Server via the Internet. However, the Data Server(s) (PC where the IWS is running) is often not directly connected to the Internet. In this case, the Data Server computer does not have an IP address recognized on the internet. Therefore, the Data Server cannot be connected directly through the Internet.

The Web Tunneling Gateway (WTG), developed by InduSoft, provides the routing capabilities to solve this problem. The WTG must be installed in the PC with the Fixed IP Address on the Internet. Generally, this is the Web Server. Consult your ISP provider for further information about how to get a Fixed IP Address for your PC on the Internet. The PC where the WTG is running must have the Microsoft IIS Web Server installed and running. The WTG is an ISAPI extension for IIS.

The Web Tunneling Gateway also provides the ability to encapsulate the data packets between the Data Server and the Web Client in HTTP or HTTPS.

Follow the procedure below to install the WTG on the Web Server computer:
  1. Copy the WebGtw.exe file from the \BIN sub-folder of IWS into any directory of the web server computer.
  2. Execute the WebGtw.exe file on the web server computer.

The WTG works as a router between the Thin Clients (connected to the Internet) and the Data Server PC (connected to the Intranet). The same WTG can route information for more than one Data Server simultaneously.