Single PC Stand-alone system

This standalone PC would have both the SCADA node software and the Project Node software installed.  The Project Node software is the configuration tool.  A web browser must be installed on the system to use for the configuration tool (Project Manager).  A TCP/IP Service must be installed. The Loop back TCP/IP service in Windows will work (even without a network card).  IIS must also be installed as part of the configuration tool.

ViewDAQ allows operators and users to View and Control real-time data and full-animation graphics without a web browser.  Displays Groups are another feature available to ViewDAQ users (but not browser clients).

Engineers and technicians would use a web browser to configure the database.  There is a local version of the Graphics builder on the Project node named DrawDAQ, to allow users to build graphics without a web browser. DrawDAQ is intended for "standalone" architectures where both the SCADA node and Project node software are installed on the same PC.