Standalone PC with configuration tool on Laptop

This standalone PC would have the SCADA node software and a network card with TCP/IP service.

The Laptop has the Project Node software installed as the configuration tool. The laptop contains the database and all graphic source files.  Changes to the Graphics and the Database can be done on the laptop even if disconnected from SCADA node.  No changes to SCADA node can be made without the laptop.

On the laptop, a web browser must be installed to use for the configuration tool (Project Manager).  IIS must also be installed as part of the configuration tool.  Both will need a network card in order to download changes to the SCADA node.  A cross-link cable and Ethernet network cards provide an easy interface.

ViewDAQ provides operators and general users on the SCADA node to VIEW and Control real-time data and full-animation graphics without a web browser.  Displays Groups are another feature available to ViewDAQ users (but not browser clients).

Engineers and technicians would use a web browser to configure the database and build graphics on the Laptop. There is a local version of the Graphics builder on the Project node (laptop) named DrawDAQ, to allow users to build graphics without a web browser.

Note   -- To build and modify Graphics on the laptop  (using DRAW) while disconnected from SCADA node would requires the IP address of the SCADA node in the Project database to be temporarily changed to that of the laptop.