1.4.6   Windows Vista

For WebAccess software to run on Windows Vista, the User Account Control feature on Windows Vista must be disabled. The User Account Control feature on Windows Vista is considered widely to be one of the largest downfalls of Vista by many tech reporters. We think the UAC feature is unnecessary. During WebAccess installation, User Account Control feature will be turned off. As a result of this, IE 7 Protected Mode is also turned off.  The Protected Mode of IE 7 must be off for the WebAccess Client and other important functions to work properly. If you do not agree this, please do not install WebAccess Node or Client on Windows Server 2008.

 Project Node

For WebAccess Project Node software to run on Windows Vista, install IIS on your project node first, with the following IIS features turned enabled, before installing WebAccess Node.

Enable IIS (Internet Information Service) before installing Project Node software!

IIS is the “web server” in Windows. IIS must be enabled before installing the Project Node software to allow WebAccess files to be installed properly.

IIS is disabled by default in Windows Vista.  For those of you who wish to use WebAccess Project Node on Windows Vista, please enable IIS on your project nodes first with following IIS features turned on before installing WebAccess Project Node software.

To enable IIS in Windows Vista Business:

1. Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features

2. On the left Side Bar select “Turn Windows features on or off”.


3. Wait for the Windows Features dialog box to open and fill, then expand “Internet Information Services”.

In case the above  JPEG images does not appear in this, the typical settings for IIS in Vista for use with WebAccess on the Project Node as tested are:

Internet Information Services – ON

FTP Publishing Service – OFF (optionally ON, not needed and is security risk)

Web Management Tools – ON

IIS 6 Management Compatibility - ON

                      IIS 6 Management Console – OFF

                      IIS 6 Scripting Tools – OFF

                      IIS 6 WMI Compatibility – OFF

                      IIS Meta base and IIS 6 configuration compatibility –ON

                   IIS Management Console – ON

                   IIS Management Scripts and Tools – OFF

                   IIS Management Service - OFF


World Wide Web Services - ON

Application Development Features – ON

                             .NET Extensibility – OFF

                             ASP – ON

                             ASP.NET – OFF

                             CGI – OFF

                             IASPI Extensions – ON

                             IASPI Filters – OFF

                             Server Side Includes - ON


Common Http Features – ON

                             Default Document – ON

                             Directory Browsing – ON

                             Http Errors – ON

                             Http Redirection - ON

                             Static Content - ON


Health and Diagnostics – ON

                             Custom Logging – OFF

                             HTTP Logging – ON

                             Logging Tools – OFF

                             ODBC Logging – OFF

                             Request Monitoring – ON

                             Tracing - OFF


Performance Features – ON

                             Http Compression Dynamic – ON

                             Static Content Compression - On


Security - ON

Basic Authentication - OFF

Client Certificate Mapping Authentication - OFF

Digest Authentication - OFF

IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication - OFF

IP Security - OFF

Request Filtering - ON

URL Authorization - OFF

Windows Authentication (optional ON, usually OFF)