1.5.3   Project Node

There is no charge for a Project Node License. Users may install multiple Project Nodes at no additional charge if they own a valid SCADA node license and follow the License Agreement.   The Project Node is the configuration tool.  It may be copied to laptops and other PCs to allow off-line development, graphics building, testing and training. There is no Hardkey required for a Project Node.

The exception is the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is an option to the Project node that requires a license and hardkey. If the SCADA Node and Project Node are on the same PC and the BEMS option is purchased then two hardkeys are required on the PC, one for the SCADA node license and the other for the BEMS license.

There is no WebAccess licensing limit to the number of Clients that may connect to a Project Node.  However, since the Project Node uses IIS (Internet Information Server) as a Web Server for WebAccess configuration, Microsoft Licensing will limit the number of clients used to connect to the Project Manager for configuration, DRAW and the thin client.  The limit is 10 simultaneous connections in Windows 2000 and XP Professional. In Windows 2000 and XP Server versions, the limit is dependant on your license (it can be un-limited). Vista and Server 2008 very large number of connection (in the tens of thousands).

A connection to the Web Server / Project Node is only needed for:

·         Configuration

·         DRAW

·         The initial connection between a Client and the SCADA node

·         When the refresh button is pressed on the Client

·         A Thin Client connection

The number of simultaneous connections required by the Project Node can be much less than the number of Clients connected to SCADA nodes.  Only Thin Clients, Configuration (Project Manager) and DRAW require a continuous connection with the Project Node.  When a client connects to a SCADA node, there is only a brief connection to the Project Node to download the address of the SCADA node and an ASP page; the connection from the Client to the SCADA node is direct and does not require further connection with the Project Node until the connection is broken or the refresh button is pressed.

Please see the LICENSE AGREEMENT for more information.