Simulation Mode & DEMO License at no charge

Simulation Mode and Demo mode allow users to test and train without purchasing a license for the SCADA node.

The Demo License uses a software control file limited to 150 tags and 2 hours of communication with field devices. It will communicate for two-hours, then shutdown. There is no Hardkey required.  If you do not install a control file, the Demo control file is installed.  The DEMO license can be run in SIMU mode (simulation mode) if you have no IO, but you must manually force it into Simulation.   Alarms will occur, output limits and security is enforced. After 2 hours, the SCADA node Kernel will shutdown.

Simulation Mode uses the DEMO or any purchased software control file, without a Hardkey. The tag count is the same as in the purchased control file.  This allows you to stage, test and train on a WebAccess system without purchasing additional SCADA node licenses. There is no communications with field devices.  All Tags have their initial value.  The value of tags can be changed by operators and users to "simulate" real communications.  Alarms will occur, output limits and security is enforced. Communications Status diagnostics are disabled.  Tags will alarm.  Read Only tags remain as read only however. If you want to make tags interact with each other (i.e. Setpoint Changes Measurement), then you will have to create scripts or other functions to create interactive simulation. Simulation mode is enabled using %DKRLMODE.

Any copy of WebAccess can be used in Simulation Mode without a Hardkey. If you have purchased a copy of WebAccess, you can use that software license control file instead of the demo. You will be able to access tags equal to your software license tag count.

DDE and User Program interfaces are disabled in both the DEMO and Simulation mode.    


Note - You can build more than 150 tags using the DEMO license, but you cannot "start" the SCADA node if there are more than 150 tags using the DEMO license.