1.5.4   SCADA node License

Usually, the SCADA node is the only node in the system with a Hardkey used for Licensing. (the exception is the BEMS package for the Project Node).  Each SCADA node must have its own Hardkey and matching software license control file.   In the standard full-feature version, an unlimited number of clients can connect to a SCADA node. However, the number of Client may be limited by the License purchased for the SCADA node.

The number of Tags is also limited on a given SCADA node by the License purchased.   The Software License control file actually determines the Tag Limit; the Hardkey determines if the node runs in communications mode or simulation mode. Both the Hardkey and its matching Software License control file (control file) must be installed on the SCADA node.  If you move your Hardkey to another PC, you must move the license file with the Hardkey.

Licenses cannot be "split" among multiple SCADA nodes. For example, if you purchase a single 1200 tag license, you can not use 600 tags on one node and 600 tags on a second: you must purchase a separate license (with a Hardkey) for each SCADA node.

The demo control file is installed by the installation program.  You must manually copy the License file (bwkserv.exe) to drive:\WebAccess\Node (typically C:\WebAccess\Node).