USB Hard Key

The USB versions of the Hardkey key are inserted in a USB port after installing WebAccess SCADA Node software.

Note - All USB Sentinel SuperPro keys need to be removed before installing software. Otherwise, the USB portion of the installation might fail. If you insert the USB key prior to installing SCADA Node software, you will be prompted to insert a CD with sentinel drivers.  You should select CANCEL and install WebAccess SCADA Node Software before inserting a USB key.

If a user fails to heed the above warning then you should have the user unplug the USB key and then remove the Sentinel USB key using Add/Remove Hardware applet in the Control Panel (Start ->Settings-> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Hardware).  The User should then Install (or re-install) WebAccess SCADA Node software. This should repair the system and make the USB key operational.

Handling Sentinel Pro Hard Keys

In general, the shipping and handling procedures suggested for the Sentinel Pro conform to the industry standards for handling electronic printed circuit boards. Your company may already have appropriate work areas and procedures in place.

Note:  Electrostatic charges may damage the Sentinel Pro units. Work surface mats and wrist straps are strongly recommended.