Anonymous Access 

Anonymous Access is optional.   For a more secure web site you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Integrated Windows Security.

Anonymous Access will allow many users to connect (for example an office building). This allows anyone connected to your network to connect to the WebAccess Project Node.   Users  (the Internet Guest Account) will have READ ONLY access if you choose the "Allow IIS to control Access option".  WebAccess Security controls access to the SCADA node.

The latest security Hot fixes should be installed and reasonable user security is applied to the wwwroot subdirectory.

Anonymous Access is the default Setting for IIS 5.0 used in Windows 2000.

To Allow Anonymous Access

1.        Open Internet Services Manager described above.

2.        Select Allow Anonymous Access

3.        Click Edit

4.        Select Allows IIS to control password.



Specifying the IUSR_computername account and its password is also an acceptable alternative to allowing IIS to control password.