2.2.1   Client Plug-in download from Project node

You do not need to install the Client Node from the CD or FTP site. The WebAccess Client Node Setup.exe is normally downloaded from the Project Node when a Web-Browser Client connects the first time to either VIEW or DRAW. The Client Installation software is provided separately on the CDROM for convenience.  If your users have very slow network or dial-up connections, you may want to distribute the Client Installation software by CD-ROM or other means.

WebAccess detects if the Client Software is already installed when users try to connect to VIEW or DRAW using a Web Browser.  WebAccess then prompts users if they want to download the client.

The Client Installation program is typically located at C:\Inetpub\broadweb\WebAccessClientSetup.exe   on the Project Node.  

If you are on a remote PC and you are not prompted to Download the Client but would like to force the download, enter http://ipaddress_of_your_project/broadweb/WebAccessClientSetup.exe   

At the time this Manual was last updated, WebAccessClientSetup.exe was about 6 Megabytes in size.

The Client is for Full Animation VIEW of real-time data and control.  The Client is an ActiveX control that allows full animation in a Web Browser (Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, or later).

There is a Thin Client Server in WebAccess that does not require any software to be installed by Web Browser Clients, but provides only static Snapshots of Graphics and Trends.

To Install the Client on Windows 2000, 2003, Vista or XP users must be Power Users or Administrators. The Client can be installed by all users of Windows 98 and ME.

The Quick Start Guide also includes a description of installing the Client.