2.        Software Installation

In brief, the steps to Installing Software are:

1. Insert CD or download USANodeSetup.exe from ftp site.

2. If downloaded from ftp site, get there email with the SCADA Node License file. (without the license file, SCADA node will run in simualtion mode.) Not license is required for the Project Node

3. Review this Installation Guide (i.e. this manual).

4. Install Node software on Project & SCADA Nodes or combines Project/SCADA node.

5. Reboot the SCADA Node.

6. Install Hard Key on SCADA Node.  USB key software installation requires the USB installed after software installation.

Avoid Electrostatic discharge when installing key.

All USB Sentinel SuperPro hard keys must be removed before installing software.

Node Installation refers to the SCADA node and Project Node.  These nodes must be installed from the CD-ROM or from a network copy of the CD. You can also download the Node software from the ftp site (ftp://ftp.broadwin.com).  You need to install Project and SCADA node software only if you are creating a new system.

Client Installation refers to the client plug-in: the Active-X control used with Internet Explorer Web-Browser.   You do not need to install the Client from the CD. The WebAccess Client Setup.exe is normally downloaded from the Project Node when a Web-Browser Client connects the first-time they try VIEW or  DRAW.  The Client Installation software is provided separately on the CDROM for convenience.  If your users have very slow network or dial-up connections, you may want to distribute the Client Installation software by CD-ROM.

If you are trying to connect to an existing WebAccess system, you can skip this software installation manual completely and go to the Quick Start Manual.

For detailed step-by-step guides to software installation, please review the following sections.