3.1.1   About Addresses

You need to know the addresses of your Project Node and SCADA node.  In order to create a project that you can download. 

·         URL is the Universal Resource Locator, for example http://www.broadwin.com/ . If your company has assigned a URL to your WebAccess Project, enter this in the Address Bar of Internet Explorer. URL also can have similar forms, for example the WebAccess Live Demo project node can be reached at http://demo.broadwin.com/ 

·         IP Address, Internet Protocol Address. The IP address is a series of 4 numbers separated by periods (e.g.  

·   Computer Name - If you are on an Intranet, or a standalone PC, you can enter the computer name of the WebAccess Project Node (for example "http://Server1"). This can be either a TCP/IP "host name" or the Microsoft Network name.

·         Local PC - If you are on a PC that has the Project Node software installed and a network card, you can use the default localhost address or url:


If you are on a standalone PC without a network card, you must use the computer name: (for example "http://Node1").