3.3.2   Moving a project to another Project Node PC

You may want to develop a project on a laptop or other PC, and then move it to another PC.    To move a project, you need to copy the configuration database (bwCFG.mdb) and the project subdirectories to the new Project Node.  The database contains the information about tags.  The subdirectories contain the graphics, scripts and other files to awkward to store in a relational database.  If the IP addresses are different, you can use the update link on the Project List Page of Project Manager to change them.  You can ZIP the files together or use copy & paste to move your project to another location.

In the example, the name of the project is LiveDemo and the node is SCADAnode1.  The name of the zip file is different so we can track them.

On the Source PC

1)     Use Windows Explorer to browse to the WebAccess directory. Typically, this is named:

2)     Copy bwCFG.mdb and the \projectname subdirectory to a zip file or another location.
For example,

a.      Click on bwCFG.mdb,

b.      Hold the Ctrl key and click on \project_SCADANode.

c.      Then Right Click,

d.      Then pick Add to Zip

Target PC

To install this on a PC with WebAccess program files and IIS already installed:

1)     Stop the WWW service (the web server) on the target.

a.       Start - > Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools

b.       Double Click Internet Service Manager

c.       Expand the node to see Default Web Server

d.       Right Click on Default Web Server

e.       Select Stop

2)     Rename or copy your existing BWconfig.mdb (C:\WebAccess\Node\config)

3)     If you have an existing project named LiveDemo, rename its subdirectory or move it (also in C:\WebAccess\Node\config).

4)     Open the zip file or Copy the Bwconfig.mdb and the LiveDemo_SCADAnode1 in this zip file to c:\WebAccess\Node\config

5)     Reboot this PC

6)     Restart the WWW service (same steps as 1. above, but pick Start)

7)     Start your Web Browser (IE 6.0)

8)     Access http://localhost/default.asp

9)     Log in to Web Project Manager 

10) Select your Project.

11)IMPORTANT!!! If the Project Node IP Address or Remote Access Code or Firewall TCP Ports do not match between the old and new Project Nodes, you will have to use UPDATE.

a)     Click Update for the LiveDemo

b)     The Update Project page appears

c)     Change the IP Address for the Project Node and the SCADA node to match the IP address of your PC.

d)     If access code, TCP Port or other differences exist, update them now.

e)     Click Submit

f)       You should now be able to use your new project node.