3.3        Copying Projects and files

To copy or move a project, copy the configuration database (bwCFG.mdb) and project subdirectories to the new Project Node PC.   You can use the copy and paste feature in Windows Explorer or use WinZip or other utility. The database contains the information about tags.  The subdirectories contain the graphics, scripts and other files.

The default database is Access 97 or Access 2000.  The bwCFG.mdb starts at around 678 Kbytes in size.  The actual size depends on how many tags  in your project.  If you add and delete tags, the database file size will only get larger. You can use the compact feature in Access 97 or 2000 to reduce the database size.   You do not need Access on your Project node in order to use WebAccess.  It is not recommended to edit the bwCFG.mdb directly. Web Access also provides a backup function described in the configuration manual.