4.2.4 Check the deploy file on  the Project Node.


The deploy file describes the IP addresses for your SCADA nodes, the TCP ports used by any firewalls, and other data.  It is read by clients using HTTP (hyper text file transfer protocol). The deploy file is on the Project Node. You can view its contents using Internet Explorer.

If the clients can not download the deploy file or the deploy file contains erroneous information, you will get a blank screen. Possible Causes of this are:

                                i.            Web Server not running on Project Node

                               ii.            Web Server not installed on Project Node

                             iii.            Improper Security on Project Node

                            iv.            Logon Security prevents clients from reading deploy file

      v.            Directory or Folder security prevent WebAccess software from creating deploy file

    vi.            Incorrect data in deploy file: TCP Ports, IP addresses


Does deploy file exist on Web Server (Project Node)?


The deploy file identifies the IP addresses of SCADA Nodes to the Clients (along with TCP Ports). It should reside B in the broadweb folder of the Project Node.

From the Project Node, open Inetpub\wwwroot; you should see a directory of folder named Broadwin. 

1.    Start Windows Explorer (Right Click on Start -> Explore).

2. Browse to the Broadweb folder.  Typically it is located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\broadweb

3.      The deploy file should be listed there (projectname.dpj).

If you can not open the folder or it does not exist, then the Directory Security on the folders in drive:Inetpub\wwwroot are set to either read only or other setting that prevents the web access software from creating the deploy file.

See also:  Check the deploy file directly from Web Browser