4.2.5 Check Security of wwwroot folder

1. Start Windows Explorer (Right Click on Start -> Explore).

2. Browse to the wwwroot folder.  Typically it is located at:


3. Right Click on wwwroot folder (i.e. subdirectory)

4. Select Properties

5. Select Security

6. Add Authenticated Users - give them Full control.  This ensures that WebAccess software can create the deploy file.  This will also allow users that are part of your Intranet or LAN that are either in the same domain or a User in Windows security to read the deploy file.

If you have users that are outside you Intranet and domain, Add ANONYMOUS LOGON - give them Read  & Execute (or at least List and Read).  

If you are letting IIS control security, add the Internet Guest Account for your computer should be there with Read & Execute.

If Everyone can access wwwRoot, it is recommend to remove Everyone.  If everyone is Read & List, then that means authenticated users will not be able to create the deploy file (including WebAccess Project Node ASP files). The most restrictive rule applies in Windows Security.  

For information on Security Settings for your Web Server please refer to Security section in this manual or the Security Section in the Engineering and Configuration Manual.