Product: ISaGRAF 3.3

Date: 1999

File: DDE request with Excel.htm

Subject: How to make DDE request from MS-Excel to ISaGRAF debugger

Keywords: DDE - Excel - Simulator - First ISaGRAF


from MS-Excel you can "spy" variables of an ISaGRAF application that

runs with ISaGRAF simulator or debugger with the following syntax:


For local variable, use the following:

=ISaGRAF|<project name>!'varName(progName)'


If you are using the "First" version of ISaGRAF, please

delete the file Isawin\Exe\WS001ENV.IWB where isawin is your

installation directory


When connecting to NT target, use ISASRV1 instead of ISaGRAF.


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