Product: ISaGRAF V3

Date: 5-March-1996

File: Commseq.Debugger communication sequences description.htm

Subject: Communication: standard connection sequence

Keywords: Communication State – Debugger info – Application state


Below is the list of the states that can be displayed in debugger control panel:

disconnected          bad communication

no appli              plc stopped - no application running

appli "X" active      another application is running in PLC

                      (generally not the one opened in the workbench)

RUN                   application is the same and it is in RealTime mode

STOP                  application is the same and it is in CycleToCyle mode

BreakPoint            application is the same and it is stopped on a breakpoint

Fatal error           application is the same and it is stopped on an application error

The following diagram shows the transitions from one state to another


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