Product : ISaGRAF 3.x

Date    : 1-October-2001

File    : OPC Server V2 with ISaGRAF 3 target.htm

Subject : How to use the OPC server V2 with ISaGRAF target

Keywords: OPC


Guidelines to use OPC server V2 with a ISaGRAF 3 target.

  1. Create an application with the workbench.
  2. Select the communication parameter in the workbench. Note that these parameters will also be used by the OPC sever to connect to the target.

  3. Download the application.
  4. Note that it is not mandatory to download the symbol table. Indeed, the server will browse the symbol from the project directory in the workbench. In order to specify this path, follow step 4.


  5. Stop the debugger.
  6. Open AltersSys OPC DA Setup. And choose the directory of the ISaGRAF project. (Select Appli.tst which is the symbol table of your application).
  7. Launch the OPC client. The server will be launched automatically.

From your HMI you can browse the variables.


If you want to connect the OPC server and the ISaGRAF Debugger, you need two communication tasks on the target side (Twice ISaTST for serial link or twice ISaNET for ethernet, or a mix of both).

In this case, download, connect the HMI, then change the link setup from the workbench in order to connect the debugger with the other communication task.


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