Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 23-July-1998

File    : WDKcom1.How to process RS communication in ISKD_COM.dll.htm

Subject : How to process RS communication in ISKD_COM.dll

Keywords: ISDK_COM - RS232


The following lines explain what is done on standard serial line

interface, and how it can be applied to ISDK_COM.DLL:


- open communication

- create a hidden child window (with a callback procedure)

- drives the communication events to this callback

(this is the WM_COMMNOTIFY Windows message)


- write in ComWrite buffer

(sending characters is made by Windows under interrupt)


- (processing of the WM_COMMNOTIFY message posted by Windows)

- get the received characters

- fill a buffer

- send a message to debugger window when frame is complete


- just copies the buffer

Please consult "IDK Programmer's guide V3.3" for more information

on how to implement your own communication Dll ISKD_COM.dll on

Workbench side.


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