Product : ISaGRAF V3.3

Date    : 13-September-1999

File    : ISaFirst. and workbench 3.32.htm

Subject : ISaFirst. and workbench 3.32.

Keywords: Demo CD-ROM - splash screen


If you install ISaGRAF First (= V3.3 demo CD-ROM) on a directory,

and then if you install ISaGRAF 3.32 over the same directory,

you may have the following problem :


The splash bitmap that is displayed at ISaGRAF 3.32 workbench

startup is the splash bitmap of ISaGRAF First

(it says 3.31 instead of 3.32).



simply remove the file isa.bmp that is located in the exe

sub-directory of ISaGRAF workbench main directory.



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