Product : ISaGRAF V2.xx->V3.xx

Date    : 02-March-1998

File    : Windows.Window versions with ISaGRAF Workbench.htm

Subject : Windows versions with ISaGRAF Workbench

Keywords: releases - Windows


Below is the history of ISaGRAF Workbench releases and how then can

run on different Windows Platform:


V1.5 to 3.01: Windows 3.1 only

V3.02/V3.03: Windows 3.1 or Windows95

V3.04: Windows 3.1 or Windows95 or NT3.51

V3.20/V3.21/V3.23: Windows 3.1 or Windows95 or NT3.51 or NT4

V3.30: Windows 3.1 or Windows95 or Windows98 or NT3.51 or NT4



In all cases, use on NT requires NT=1 in isa.ini file.


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