Product : ISaGRAF 3.2

Date    : 22-July-1998

File    : Cgen.Compatibility in C generation.htm

Subject : Compatibility in C generation

keywords: C code - SCC



1) No great modifications have been done for the version 3.20.


Please note that for the C generation :

- The 3.20 Workbench is fully compatible with the 3.04 target,

- The 3.04 Workbench is not compatible with the 3.20 target.


Modifications on the new target concern mainly, performance

enhancements, and bugs correction.


The C generation principle stays the same in the new version.


2) Since 3.23 release there is a new C generation possibility

called "SCC structured C"

When you select this code generator option, there will be as many

C source files and .H header files as you've got programs in your

project, plus appli.c and appli.h.

The structured C SCC can be linked only with a 3.23 target or later

version. (For example it can't be linked with a 3.20 target)


Main advantage of SCC generation is that your application code is

split into many files.


Some customers were blocked because their C compiler does not

accept large C source files.


SCC option should solve that problem.


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