Product : ISaGRAF V3.3x

Date    : 26-August-1999

File    : CMPTime.How to reduce compiling time if '%' variables are not used.htm

Subject : How to reduce compiling time if '%' variables are not used ?

Keywords: Compiling time


One of IEC feature can be very time consuming when compiling ISaGRAF

projects: it is the support of directly represented variables (%) in

source files. Mainly if the I/O wiring of the project contains many

unused I/O channels, removing the handling of "%" variables can give

good results on compiling / linking time.


There is a non-documented feature to inhibate the support of "%" in


UDTM32K.DLL adds some options to the Tools menu of the

Program Manager.

Just copy the DLL in COM folder, uncheck the following option:

"Tools / Advanced Options / Use Directly Represented Variables (%)"


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