Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 29-January-1999

File    : OnLine.Constants with on-line modification.htm

Subject : Constants with on-line modification

Keywords: on-line change - on-line modification - constant


If you want to change a constant in your project and benefit from

the on-line modification possibility, here are some solutions:


1 Verify first that the constant value you wish to change is not

used elsewhere.

If so Change a constant variable to only a value that is already used

in the project.


2 You may declare variables with constant type into the dictionary.

Then use them as modifyable values.


3. Build a dummy program that assign about 10 constant values into 10

dummy variables. (or more)

Note : put cst values that you are sure you will never use in the



Each time you wish to make an on-line modification,

if the CRC changes

- modify one of the 10 constant values into your desired value

- Generate code, CRC should be the same and

on-line modification works


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