Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 6-January-1997

File    : TICCode.general information and post-processor.htm

Subject : TIC code general information and post-processor

Keywords: TIC - post-processor - SFC engine


The ISaGRAF code generator can produce either C source code or "TIC"

target independent code. The TIC code is the common point of the

upgrade compatibility between ISaGRAF workbenches and target



The TIC code is public and fully documented so that any one can use

it as a first specification to design a PLC like or soft logic

target system.


The code produced by ISaGRAF groups, in the same structured file,

the following types of information:

- application configuration

- SFC chart in binary format (lists of steps and transitions)

- instructions in binary TIC code


The SFC chart can be handled by any SFC engine such as a matrix

based state machine. If such a software is not available on the

target, the ISaGRAF workbench is also capable of translating the

SFC charts into natural instructions so that processing the TIC

code is enough to run a complete application containing all 5 IEC

1131-3 languages.


The TIC code is an easy classical 3 address binary code with typed

instructions. As other pieces of information concerning the

application structure are stored with it in the produced code, it

is very easy to build a post processor between the ISaGRAF

workbench and any proprietary target system.


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