Product : ISaGRAF V3.05/3.4x

Date    : 1-August-1996/updated 31-May-2001

File    : CmpRun.Start compiler from a command line.htm

Subject : Start Compiler from a command line

Keywords: command line - compiler


To start the Compiler from a .bat file (on Win95 or NT)

cd \isawin\apl\rfbars

start /w \isawin\exe\wsmk1edt.exe -p=rfbars -u=B

cd \isawin\apl\rfgraph

start /w \isawin\exe\wsmk1edt.exe -p=rfgraph -u=B


example above will compile the two projects rfbars and rfgraph.

The compiling options have to be set before.


with the option -u=B the closing of the Code generator window is

done automatically, and then the new compilation starts.

If an error occurs, it will stop. In this case, if you close the

code generator window with the Files - Exit, it will then

continue on the next compilation.


To start the compiler on library elements:

WSMK1EDT.EXE -p=@libf -o=funcname

WSMK1EDT.EXE -p=@libb -o=fbname

and to avoid the message box at the end (batch mode):

WSMK1EDT.EXE -p=@libf -o=funcname -u=B

WSMK1EDT.EXE -p=@libb -o=fbname -u=B


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