Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 22-July-1998

File    : Ioexport.Import-export procedure for IO wiring list.htm

Subject : import/export procedure for I/O wiring list

Keywords: Import - Export - I/O connection - I/O wiring


There is no import/export utility for I/O wiring map. The "address"

field exported or imported by the ISaGRAF variable dictionary

represents the variable network address which is optionally entered

by the user when declaring a variable.

It is not the variable I/O wiring location.

It is not the ISaGRAF internal address for the variable.

There is no packaged utility to import/export I/O wiring list.


This can be done by exchanging the APPLI.CNX file content with

other applications, such as defined in the

"IDK Development Kit Guide v3.3".


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