Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 21-May-1999

File    : Monitor.Start Monitoring Tool from a command line.htm

Subject : Start monitoring tool from a command line

Keywords: command line - monitoring tool - spotlight


This feature is available in WMT version 3.3 only.

It did not exist in version 3.2


It is possible, from the command line, to run the ISaGRAF Monitoring

Tool version 3.31 so that a project is automatically open in real

debug mode.

A SpotLight document must be inserted in the Project Workspace.

In this mode, SpotLight has no more menu and toolbar.

The access to programs is not available.

Closing SpotLight from the system menu also closes the debugger

control panel.

To try this, use the following procedure:

1- prepare the project with ISaGRAF Workbench

2- in "debug workspace" insert a SpotLight document

3- archive the application with ISaGRAF Workbench

4- run the Monitoring Tool (normally) and restore the archived


5- From command line, run WSMT1EDT.EXE -run=<project_name>

- the debugger panel is launched automatically and minimized

- the SpotLight document specified in "debug workspace" is open

- in SpotLight: no more menu, no more toolbar

- closing the SpotLight document automatically closes the

debugger panel


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