Product : ISaGRAF 3.xx

Date    : August-1998

File    : blink.Blink function block time precision.htm

Subject : Blink function block time precision

Keywords: BLINK


The blink function block generates a square output signal.

The period of the output signal is entered as an input parameter of the function block to get the following signal.

The function block Blink has been implemented in order to get the best accuracy on the half period.

It means that if you need

- Rising edge followed half a second later by a falling edge signal, you will enter as input cycle one second.

- A periodic signal to use a periodic timer of one second output signal, it is better to enter 2 seconds as

input period.

Then you can get the best accuracy by testing the half period.

Otherwise there is an accuracy error that will be cumulated from half period to half period.


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