Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 5-March-1996

File    : Custlibs.Customize list of standard funct and funct blocks.htm

Subject : Customize standard set of Functions and FBs

Keywords: Standard function - Standard function block - customization


Standard functions and function blocks normally cannot be removed

from the ISaGRAF workbench menus, as they are considered in ISaGRAF

V3.xx as internal parts of the ISaGRAF target. It follows exactly

the same principle as the one applied to data types and languages.

Example: if a target does not support REAL data type, both variable

declaration and concerned function blocks cannot be removed from the

workbench environment.


It is technically possible to hide some function blocks in the

editor menus. Standard blocks are defined in the ASCII file

"\ISAWIN\EXE\ISA.LIB'. Each block declaration is a group of

lines. The first line begins with '{' ; the last line is '}'. To

inhibit the declaration of one block, just insert a ';' character

at the beginning of each concerned line.


WARNING: This corresponds to a specific customization (even if very

short), and must be clearly registered in ISaGRAF with corresponding end

user identification, as it is not a standard feature of the product,

and creates an 'abnormal' situation for support. Such

customization is normally not supported by ISaGRAF releases.


See also FAQ:

Wbstdlib.where standard F and FB are defined in the ISaGRAF Workbench

in Workbench directory


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