Product : ISaGRAF

Date    : 19-March-1996

File    : Isaname.About ISaGRAF name.htm

Subject : About "ISaGRAF" name

Keywords: ISaGRAF


The name for the ISaGRAF product was thought of in the early 1990s, when the

IEC 1131-3 standard did not exist. The only existing standard

for automation at this date was the IEC-848 std. defining the GRAFCET

programming language (called SFC in IEC 1131-3).


So "GRAF" is for GRAFCET, which was the highest level language.

"ISa" means "is a" which is a common relationship from object

oriented methods.


Thus "ISaGRAF" means: "IS a GRAFCET". This explains why the

middle "a" letter is always written in lowercase.


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