Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 15-Febuary-1996

File    : Fbdalign.Link alignment in FBD editor.htm

Subject : Link alignment in FBD editor

Keywords: link - FBD - connection line


A problem appear under ISaGRAF FBD editor when drawing a set of

links, to dispatch an information from one point on the left to

several points on the right. Vertical segments are not aligned. The

alignment delta is generally between 1 and 8 pixels:

This can be useful in some cases, to separate links which are not

connected to the same point on the left. This is why the editor

gives a different alignment delta for vertical segments of the

links when they are created.

A non documented function has been implemented in ISaGRAF V3.04

to reset alignment deltas. The user has to perform the following


- select the lines to be aligned

- press Ctrl + Shift + A

The alignment cannot be undone.


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