Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 5-March-1996

File    : Fbdorder.Compiling order and sorting for FBD diagrams.htm

Subject : Compiling order and sorting for FBD diagrams

Keywords: FBD - execution order


FBD diagrams are translated from the left to the right and from the

top to the bottom. The evaluation order is given by the outputs

(assignments, coils, function block activation...). This order can

be changed if the evaluation of a node requires the evaluation of

another node located below in the diagram.

Use the command Tools / Show execution order (Ctrl+F1) of the FBD editor.

Numbers will be displayed on your diagram showing the order of

each variable assignment and block call.


If you need more precise information about one particular case, you

can use the Workbench menus to see the FBD equivalence written in

ST. To do so, perform the following operations:

1- compile the program

2- at the end of the compiling, select "continue"

(keep compiler open)

3- run "preprocessor output' from "edit" menu in compiler menu

4- the ST equivalence is then displayed in compiler window


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