Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 23-Febuary-1996

File    : Cpxiopar.Parameters of a Complex Equipment.htm

Subject : parameters for a complex I/O equipment

Keywords: I/O complex equipment - OEM parameter


ISaGRAF V3 workbench does not provides the way to attach parameters

to a complex I/O equipment. Parameters are always attached to one or

several of the single boards of the complex equipment.


An easy solution is to give all common parameters to the first board

of the equipment.


The best is to insert one more single board at the beginning of the

equipment. This board does not group any real I/O channel. It is

used to group common parameters and can provide channels for main

IO control (outputs) or status information (input).


When the OEM_open procedure is called for the first board of a

complex equipment, its parameter is a pointer to the first board

descriptor. Increment this pointer to easily have access to other

single boards. This must be done if the parameters attached to the

first board have to be passed to all other single boards.


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