Product : ISaGRAF V3

Date    : 12-March-1996

File    : Io-cc-rt.Setting -Cycle to cycle- mode from an input signal.htm

Subject : Setting "Cycle to cycle" mode from an input signal

Keywords: Cycle to Cycle - Run/stop hardware command


An input signal can be used to set the "Cycle to cycle" or "Real

time" execution mode for the ISaGRAF cycle. This corresponds to the

run/stop hardware command on a common PLC. Below is an example of

input driver programming:


#include <tasy0def.h> /* main ISaGRAF definitions */

extern str_system *SYST; /* internal ISaGRAF structure */


/* to be added in a boolean input driver routine */

/* state is the boolean state of the input signal */

if (state)

SYST->mode_ker = RT; /* set up real time mode */


SYST->mode_ker = CC; /* set up cycle to cycle mode */


WARNING: When this input driver is actif, the corresponding "cycle

to cycle" and "real time" commands of the ISaGRAF debugger cannot

be used anymore.


When the kernel is blocked in cycle to cycle mode, inputs, outputs

and communication with debugger are still handled.


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