Product : ISaGRAF NT target V3

Date    : March-1999

File    : NTdrivers_us.htm

Subject : IO drivers supported by ISaGRAF NT target

Keywords: I/O driver - NT target - InterbusS - Phoenix Contact

          PC ISA - Wago - LEMZE - Opto22 - Mystic - DeviceNet

          SS Technology - OMRON


Drivers for NT target V3.3 and details of the hardware ISaGRAF used for the tests

1) InterbusS

The controller board to plug in your PC must be a generation 4 board from Phoenix Contact:


An installation floppy disk provided by Phoenix Contact is required, that floppy contains at least one driver and one DLL (IBDDIWNT.DLL).

After that, that controller board is linked to different heads of module (through an InterbusS cable). On each head of module many different I/O modules may be connected.

Drivers for the following InterbusS modules:

32/16/4/2 Boolean Inputs,

32/16/4/2 Boolean Outputs

16/8/4/2/1 Analog Inputs

16/8/4/2/1 Analog Outputs

driver for head of modules

Tests have been made using the master controller board from Phoenix Contact with:

Following are name and reference of the Wago boards we’ve used for tests:

InterBus-S Bus coupler          (ref :750-304)

2 inputs Boolean terminal block (ref :750-400)

2 outputs Boolean terminal block (ref :750-501)

2 inputs analog terminal block (ref :750-452 )

2 outputs analog terminal block (ref :750-552 )

100kHz counter terminal block (ref :750-404 )

RS232C, TTY- 20mA terminal block (ref :750-650 )

Wago I/O system bus coupler

Following is the list of Phoenix Contact boards we’ve used for tests:

IBS     STME      24 BK     DIO     8/8/3-T

IBS     STME      24     BK     RB       T

IB      ST 24      AI     4/SF

IB STME 24 DIO    8/8R3

IB ST 24 DIO    8/3 -2A

IBS     STME      24     BK     RB       T

Profile drive com of LEMZE's motion controller

IBS CT 24 DIO 24/16 -LK


IBS LOOP        2 inputs module

IBS LOOP        2 outputs module

IBS IP CBK 1/24 -F/S

HENGSTLER's 4096 positions coder

IBS SAB 24 DO 8/8

IBS     V.24 . (many I/Os with message type to transfer interbusS data to a V24 modem)

IB      ST       24      INC/2

IB      ST       24      DI 32/2

IB      ST       24      DO 16/3

IB      ST       24      AI 4/SF

IBS     RT       24      DIO 16/16 T


2) Driver for OPTO22 Mystic protocol products:

You may drive 3 board ranges with these drivers:

. G4RS range (Remote Simple)

. G4HRD range (High Resolution Density)

. snapIO range

Here are the boards with which ISaGRAF drivers have been tested:


SNAP - IAC5 4 channels AC Input

SNAP - IAC5A 4 channels AC Input

SNAP - IDC5 4 channels DC Input

SNAP - OAC5 4 channels AC Output

SNAP - AIMA 2 channels Current Input

SNAP - AIV 2 channels Voltage Input

SNAP - AOV-27 2 channels Voltage Output -10 to +10 VDC

           G4 I/O:

G4RS 32 Input/Output Boolean

G4AIVA 16 channels current/voltage Input

G4AOV 16 channels voltage Output

All these are remote I/O boards.

You have to plug in your PC a RS485 board that uses Mystic protocol to communicate with those remote I/Os .

The RS485/Mystic board we have tested is the AC37 board from OPTO22.


3) DeviceNet:

Devicenet I/O drivers are made for the 5136-DN board manufactured by SS-Technology inc.

The current release of these drivers has some functions that are limited, but it enables driving all DeviceNet standard I/O slaves.

4 analogue Inputs – tested with the slave board DRT-AD04 from OMRON

2 analogue Outputs - tested with the slave board DRT-DA02 from OMRON

8 Boolean Inputs- tested with the slave board DRT-iD08 from OMRON

8 Boolean Outputs - tested with the slave board DRT-OD08 from OMRON

16 Boolean Inputs - tested with the slave board DRT-iD16 from OMRON

16 Boolean Outputs - tested with the slave board DRT-OD16 from OMRON

Can status reading input board (linked to the board 5136-DN from SS-Technology)


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