Product : ISaGRAF V3.2 / ISaGRAF V3.4

Date    : 23-Febuary-1998 / updated 20-October-2000

File    : Rainbow.How to Install Rainbow dongle.htm

Subject : How to Install Sentinel driver for Rainbow dongle

Keywords: Protection key - dongle - Rainbow - Sentinel


To install a Rainbow dongle with ISaGRAF workbench you need to:

. Install ISaGRAF workbench and Sentinel driver

(you may install first ISaGRAF or first Sentinel. no matter)

. Launch Sentinel installation, administrator rights are required (to do so, go to Sentinel directory, and click on setup.exe. Even if there is no window popping-up, installation has probably worked correctly)

. With NT, it's possible to verify from NT menu that sentinel driver will be automatically launched each time your PC starts.
To verify it, click on NT 'start' menu, then click on 'Settings''control panel' 'devices' menus.
The complete list of installed NT drivers will be shown in alphabetical order.
Sentinel driver must be 'started' with the 'automatic' attribute

. From ISaGRAF 'Help' 'About' menu, you may verify now your dongle is recognised.


For 3.4 version, the Sentinel driver must be installed from the Workbench CD-ROM version 3.4.
It is required on Windows NT and Windows 95 or Windows 98.



If a Sentinel driver has already been installed on your PC :

If you are using Win98 or Win95 :
a)Go to the 'Sentinel\WIN_9X' directory of V3.4 Workbench CD-ROM.
b)Launch 'sentw9x.exe'

If you are using WinNT :
a)Go to the 'Sentinel\WIN_NT'
b)Launch 'setupx86.exe'

c) Click on 'Functions' menu and select 'Remove Sentinel Driver' sub-menu.
(then reboot the machine as asked and repeat operations a) and b)

d) Click on 'Install Sentinel Driver' sub-menu and reboot as asked.


This procedure works only with 'Rainbow' dongles, it does not concern Electryon dongles.
Electryon dongle do not work under NT and are no more delivered.
Electryon dongle may be changed for Rainbow dongle.


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